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Virtual Postman

Dear Sir or Madam!
As part of the implementation of new IT solutions by AccOUT, which aims to streamline the work of entrepreneurs, we propose a new tool that we call VIRTUAL POSTMAN.

What makes this solution possible and easy?

  1. VIRTUAL POSTMAN allows you to automatically send sales invoices to your customers, in electronic form, straight from the system where you issue them.
  2. VIRTUAL POSTMAN automatically - without your participation and without further action by the invoice recipient - confirms receipt of a sales invoice when the invoice recipient receives the PDF file.
  3. VIRTUAL POSTMAN updates the status of all sales documents in the warehouse system and displays a detailed status history of the document.

For whom is this solution?

  1. VIRTUAL POSTMAN is most suitable for entrepreneurs who issue large number of invoices, who want to replace the traditional system of sending invoices by electronic system, while also want to have confirmation of the fact and the moment of receiving the invoice by the recipient.
  2. VIRTUAL POSTMAN can work with any financial and accounting system used to issue invoices or with other invoicing programs. It works perfectly with Streamsoft Prestige (used by AccOUT) and with many other programs.
  3. VIRTUAL POSTMAN can also be used by entrepreneurs, who issue their invoices in Excel or Word sending them "manually" to contractor as an e-mail attachment, but then its functionality is limited to automatic receipt confirmation of the invoice by the recipient and to reporting a status of sent invoices.

What do I have to do to get this solution working for me?


  1. Please inform us about the need for VIRTUAL POSTMAN at your company at or by phone at 694 790 800 - we will check your program and discuss the implementation process.
    • If accounting program used by your company for invoice issuing is PC BUSINESS PRESTIGE, then the implementation of VIRTUAL POSTMAN will be free and will occur within 2-3 weeks.
    • If you use another program, we will determine how long it will take us to adjust the VIRTUAL POSTMAN to your program and what will be the cost of the implementation service (usually not significant amounts).
  2. The cost of using the VIRTUAL POSTMAN is ~0,50 PLN (excluding VAT) for a single invoice.