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About us

Centrala24 is a comprehensive solution that will not only prevent over-consumption of paper, but will also reduce the time spent on document workflow, post-processing and accounting. In addition, it will save you money that would have to be spent on the long-term storage process. It's an intelligent system that makes it easy to archive and describe every document and then quickly find it at any time and place.

It started with ...
The Centrala24 system is a result of collaboration between Norbert Kaczmarek and Tomasz Cegiełka. Both have long been running an accounting services office with over 180 companies. This has helped them to understand the problems of using paper invoices, which are often encountered by both entrepreneurs and private individuals.

The clients of the office are both single-person companies and capital-law companies with multi-million-dollar turnover from the SME sector and joint-stock companies, including those listed on the stock exchange. Companies, supported by accounting office of Norbert Kaczmarek and Tomasz Cegiełka, operate in a wide range of industries, including such as: trade, import, construction, training, e-commerce, financial services, manufacturing, IT services, the publishing industry and many others.

Where did their adventure start with the accounting of the originator of the Centrala24 system?
Norbert Kaczmarek holds a higher education diploma, confirmed by the Ministry of Finance qualification certificate for bookkeeping services granted in 2000. In addition to his 15 years of experience in accounting and taxation, he has also been involved in the development of specialized IT systems for accounting offices. After working in the office, he is happy to run, swim, sail and dive. She successfully competes in cross-country and triathlon competitions.

Tomasz Cegiełka is an engineer. He gained his professional experience as a manager in the largest corporations in the world: Benckiser Cosmetics, Philip Morris and PepsiCo Trading, which he left first for banking, then for medical services, and finally, 6 years ago, to take root in accounting. His passion is music.

Every day ...
At the accounting office, Norbert Kaczmarek is responsible for the content oversight of the accounting work and for the entire IT sector, including implementation of new solutions. Tomasz Cegiełka is responsible for managing the office and staff, for company finance, sales and marketing and quality of service.

By running their accounting office, the Centrala24 authors had perfectly pinpointed the problems associated with using paper invoices for posting: excessive paper consumption by entrepreneurs, extended workflows, longer postings, and increased costs associated with the need to physically store paper invoices for a period of 5 years (practically even 6). So they created a clever system: Centrala24.